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For grades: K-12


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TSF PRODUCTIONS - Original musical theatre
TSF Productions presents original musical theatre productions based on classical literature, with costumes, scenery, and musical instruments. Currenty available: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, and The Emperor's New Clothes.For grades: K-8.

Super Scientific Circus - Science circus performer
Amazing feats make science fun! A renowned circus performer presents astounding tricks that have scientific explanations. Mr. Fish and Lisa Lou give kid-friendly demonstrations of the principals of physics and chemistry, adjusted for various age levels. For grades: K-9.

Rick Adam - Social issues theatre; vaudeville
Rick Adam presents programs of self-esteem and substance awareness using his unique combination of theatre, mime, juggling, vaudeville, and the most elaborate one-man band you ever saw. Purely fun programs are also available. For grades: K-12.

Gerald Fierst - Storyteller
A dynamic storyteller brings life to his characters and paints pictures with his words, adapting to any age, and a wide range of themes. Workshops and residencies are also available. For grades: K-12.

THE MYTHMAKERS - Musical story theatre
Two master performers present a multicultural performance, full of storytelling, musical instruments, theatre, and audience participation. For grades: K-8.

THE OKRA Dance COMPANY - Ethnic dance
The Okra Dance Company presents dynamic and colorful productions dealing with multicultural dance, with an emphasis on African American culture. For grades: K-12.

RICHARD STILLMAN - musician, singer, dancer, storyteller.
Richard Stillman is a multi-talented musical performer who delights audiences with his multicultural productions, involving instruments, dances, songs, and stories For grades: K-8.

Steve Luker - fire safety show
THE FIRE SAFETY SHOW is a magical, educational experience which teaches elementary school children about fire safety in a fun format For grades: K-6.

Crabgrass Puppet Theatre - puppet theatre
Crabgrass is a nationally recognized company, which presents elaborate puppet theatre productions based on literature and folklore. For grades: K-6.

Flying Ship Productions - Elaborate musical theatre productions
Flying Ship Productions presents elaborate musical theatre productions based on literature, folklore, or historical characters. All shows contain scenery, costumes, original songs, and dynamic choreography. For grades: K-9.

Steve Johnson - magician / juggler
A charming performer presents captivating magic effects, comedy, surprise, and audience participation, highlighted with a thrilling juggling act For grades: K-8.

Bugs and Balloons - Unique Entertaniment
Allynn Gooen creates instant theatre where audience members become the stars, using balloons to create costumes, scenery and props. Annie Hickman creates unique creature costumes out of basketry, and brings them to life with dance. For grades: K-12.

TAINO - Latin American Music duo
Dynamic husband and wife duo, Sana and Papo, present a variety of programs dealing with Latin American music, history and culture, as well as a program about rainforests around the world. Shows are full of participation. Specially designed workshops are also availble. For grades: K-12.

Steven James Petruccio - A Day in the Life of a Book
Artist Steven James Petruccio, who has illustrated over 60 books, traces the history of illustration as a vital art form. Using actual sketches and finished artwork, he takes the audience on a journey through the stages of creating an illustrated book from story to published volume. For grades: K-12.

Also available...

ENCORE is a not-for-profit agency, which represents a limited roster of carefully selected professional performing groups and solo artists who tour throughout the Northeastern USA to present performances and workshops for children and family audiences. ENCORE offers diverse performing groups in the fields of theatre, music, dance, puppetry, mime, magic, storytelling, science, history, multiculturalism, social issues, and more! There are performances for all age groups - elementary school, middle school, high school, and family audiences.

Programs are available to book for public performances in large and small theatres, as well as for community centers, camps, libraries, museums and in-school assembly programs. WORKSHOPS and RESIDENCIES can often be arranged in addition to the stage performance. Teacher guides are available for all productions.

Encore's highly regarded reputation stands behind each production! We work with only the highest quality and most reliable artists and groups. Each production offers a professional artistic experience, plus cultural or educational enrichment. Let us evaluate your needs, and guide you in selecting the best experience for your audience.

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