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Phone: 800-392-8061
For grades: K-6
Fees for live visit: $995 per Day



We all know that a school can house some pretty amazing things. In fact, you've probably wondered what else could this place produce? Well the wondering is over. Dinoman is here! And through the miracle of modern science (plus a lot of magic and stagecraft) he hunts down an 18 foot long Apatosaurus right in your school! Dinoman! begins at the beginning -- the very beginning; of earth that is. He first takes the audience on a time trek from Precambrian to Quaternary with a few stops in different epochs and ages. He explains the ever changing earth in terms of land formation and movement. Suddenly he discovers foot prints, very large footprints, and the hunt is on! Camp is set and Dinoman tells all in song, story and magic. Ultimately, the huge Apatosaurus is found. Extra Bonus!!!! Each performance includes individualized workshops!After the performance, the workshops begin. In a classroom setting, small groups of students are introduced to real dinosaur bones, replica skulls, and other fossils. All of the samples are passed around so that students can touch and ask questions about them. Each workshop is approximately 20 minutes long.
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