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Phone: (650) 557-4258
For grades: K - 8 Shows are tailored for different age groups
Fees for live visit: $550 per show on average - please request rate sheet for multiple show discounts etc.
Funding: NY State - BOCES sponsored


Earth Education, Juggling, Music, Storytelling »

Your performance was the best that I have seen in twenty-six years as a professional educator. You presented a perfect balance of entertainment and message.
--- Benjamin T. Curtis IV, Principal, Valley Park School, Pennsville, NJ

EarthCapades exciting and memorable performances begin with highly developed acrobatic and juggling skills which captivate the audience and guarantee their focused attention. Throughout the show EarthCapades hit the audience in their funny bones and get them enthusiastically involved while bringing student and teacher volunteers onto the stage. Earthcapades unforgettable grand finale features Lissin and Hearty towering high above the stage floor on stilts and a giant unicycle while juggling the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. Every show is age appropriate and includes a valuable question and answer session. EarthCapades unique and inspirational form of "environmental edutainment" with a multicultural/multi-lingual twist demonstrates that helping the planet can be fun!


"The performance was fabulous and kept our students glued to their seats. It offered everything we look for when scheduling groups for school assemblies. Lissin and Hearty have successfully designed a program that is not only age appropriate, but action-packed and spirited with an important educational message."

Jennifer Flanders, Principal, Camelot School, Hayward, CA

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EarthCapades presents exciting environmental education programs at conferences, festivals, and in thousands of schools. In 1988 Hearty (D. Heartlife) received his BA in Environmental Education and began teaching and performing in schools telling stories about the importance of respecting nature. In 1991 Hearty co-created The Boogie Down Jugglers and performed "The Greatest Show 4 Earth" in San Francisco, California. In 1996 Hearty formed Educational Escapades and began touring extensively throughout the United States. Lissin (L. Goldberg) joined Educational Escapades in 1997, bringing a decade of theatrical and musical experience to the organization. Lissin & Hearty's collaboration evolved into EarthCapades. EarthCapades unique, memorable, and exciting performances combine circus skills, singing, storytelling, comedy, and audience participation to teach environmental science and earth awareness. EarthCapades collaborates with public educational outreach, environmental health organizations, private foundations and schools throughout the United States and Canada to reach over 80,000 students and teachers every year.

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