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Phone: 800-669-9850
For grades: K-12
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Your performances were nothing short of brilliant, amazing, funny, touching, profound...and we are hearing nothing but rave reviews.
--- Hunterdon Art Center, NJ

GOOWIN'S BALLOOWINS -- Enjoy a truly unique performance by madcap balloon artist Allynn Gooen, who will fill the stage with extraordinary balloon creations as he leads the story of Snow White And The Eight Dwarfs, The Wizard Of Oz, The Story Of Purim, (or any of a large variety of stories) in which children from the audience will star. Traditionally, clowns and magicians twist balloons into creatures for kids, but not Allynn Gooen. He uses balloons to turn the kids into creatures! Goowin's Balloowins will capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

WEAVING THE WILD -- Annie Hickman welcomes the audience into her magical world of transformation. She demonstrates her exquisite costumes, woven out of basketry materials, and uses music and dance to bring them to life. While Annie changes from one creature to the next, she shares her stories, creative inspirations, and artistic techniques which combine to make her a unique multimedia artist.

THE LOVE BUG'S HUG -- Allynn and Annie combine their creative talents into an extraordinary theatrical experience. In his incomparable zany style, Allynn uses balloons to create helicopters, airplanes, scuba tanks, and whatever is needed, to lead his audience volunteers on a search for a cure to cheer up a sad princess. Annie's colorful creatures become their guides to the magical Love Bug.

JOURNEY TO CANDYLAND -- Allynn and Annie again combine their talents into a colorful holiday extravagtanza. Allynn and his zany balloon creations, plus Annie's spectacular characters take the audience on a search for a quest for the ultimate holiday dessert.
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Allynn Gooen and Annie Hickman are husband and wife, each with their own unique programs, as well as combining their talents.

Allynn, after earning his BA degree in Speech and Theatre from Montclair State University, worked for Bil Baird's Marionettes in New York City. He taught Speech, Theatre, and Media courses at Montclair State, NY Tech, Jersey City State, Bergen Community College, and at FIT. At the same time he was working with his puppets and developing his skills with balloons. At one performance he forgot some of his puppets and got the inspiration to turn audience volunteers into puppets using his balloons as costumes. This performance was the beginning of Gooen's original art form... combining story-telling, audience participation, improvisation, and balloons. From coast to coast in North America, Goowin's Balloowins has performed at theatres, festivals, corporate events, and a variety of gatherings from as small as a dog's birthday party to as large as the World's Fair. Goowin's Balloowins has also performed in Japan and in Australia. On television, Goowin's Balloowins' appearances include Shining Time Station, Fred Penner's Place, and Nickelodeon.

Annie has a background in Sculpture and Dance as well as a love for the creature world. After earning a degree in sculpture from the University of Illinois, Ms. Hickman received the Creative and Performing Arts Fellowship from her Art Department. Ms. Hickman moved to New York to work for master artist Marisol. Ms. Hickman's vision stretched to the dance world and she studied ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics, singing, and acting. Becoming interested in costume design, she recognized a desire to create sculptural costumes and move in her own creations.... creating a transforming and complete art form. Ms. Hickman designed costumes and performed for the original corporate company in New York - Le Clique, worked for a summer making costumes for Henson Associates on Sesame Street Live, and designed and built costumes for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and for Off-Broadway plays. Her own show has traveled across the country, as well as to Australia, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, and China.

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