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Phone: 702/247-6855
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: microphone and stage, if possible
Fees for live visit: $450 or 2/$750
Funding: Drug-Free Schools Grant``Title One



You were just what the children needed--they will be talking about your performance for weeks!
--- Teacher in Lacey, Washington

Award-winning Las Vegas magician John Hamilton performs a 40-minute magic show that teaches children how to avoid drugs/alcohol/violence and encourages them to reach their full potential through education. Emphasis on reading skills and tolerance/respect for others. Outstanding rapport with K-12 and dynamic performance has thrilled over 1,200 schools since 1986. See testimonials on
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Award-winning Las Vegas magician John Hamilton was a slow learner in school that could have fallen through the cracks. Through dedication and perseverance, he overcame stuttering and learning disabilities to become an outstanding speaker and performer for all ages. He was the first and only black magician to represent the U.S.A. in the World Grand Prix of Magic in Brussels Belgium. He tours nationally in schools year-round since 1986. A more complete BIO on
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