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Phone: 714-508-0580 or 714-290-1553-Cell
For grades: PreK-8
Requirements for live visit: We require a p.a. if we are flying, as well as lodging and food.
Fees for live visit: $500.00 for 1 assembly, $700.00 2; $900.00 3. These are So. California prices. Mileage fees apply outside So Calif. Celtic Connection is 600/800/1000. Block booking discounts apply.
Funding: OC Calif. Schools: 35% discount may apply for Johnny Appleseed, Tribute to America's Patriotic Songs and Celtic Connection if you book through the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Call 714-556-2122 Ext. 4310 for details.


Music and U.S. History »

We want you back!
--- Wayne Shannon, Principal, Glazier School, Norwalk

The Roots of American Music integrates K-8 Social Studies curriculum American folk music. A toe-tapping program performed on an array of musical instruments, students will not only see the earliest of American musical instruments, but how they were played. They'll learned about their multi-cultural roots, and will be delighted as some take the stage to join the performers in the pioneer band grande finale! In addition, Sandii and Ron also offer a musical spoon making workshop at an additional cost where the participants get to to keep the spoons! Singing the Way to Reading. Sandii and Ron create an enthusiasm for reading by integrating children's songs with popular childrens books. Great for ages 2-8, and includes lots of audience participation. A Tribute to America's Patriotic Songs. A musical assembly that reinforces patriotism while telling the inspirational stories behind America's patriotic songs. Stories and songs about America's symbols are covered, too, and students will enjoy singing many of the songs with the performers who are costumed in colonial costumes. Great for grades K-5. Johnny Appleseed and his Sister Sally Sandii is joined by fiddle player Gary Francisco in a musical performance as Johnny Appleseed and his sister Sally. The costumed performers take students on a journey of American pioneer music and instruments while interacting with the characters. Adaptations make for K-3 and 4-5. Gary and Sandii adapt their program for grades 6-8 by performing as Farley the Fiddle and Sandii Trails.

The Celtic Connection traces American songs back to the Irish and Scotish roots. Joining guitar and fiddle, is a third musician, Richard Cook. Richard plays Irish whistles, the Bodhran (the ancient Irish drum) and 5 different types of bagpipes. All three performers have special costumes, and the Social Studies connections of early immigration and multiculturalism are heavily emphasized.
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Sandii Castleberry is a roster artist for the Orange County, California Performing Arts Center From the Center program. Her programs under the Music Born in America umbrella are fun, multi-cultural, highly participative and integrate the arts with social studies. As a part-time second grade teacher, Sandii offers a total of five music-themed assemblies that integrate Americana music with U.S. History while reinforcing Social Studies Frameworks for grades K-8.

Shown here, is The Roots of American Music, a folk-roots program she offers with with banjoist Ron Daigh. The assembly is particpative, educational, and fun, and can also include a musical spoon making workshop for an additional fee.

Sandii & Ron have performed at festivals throughout the Southwest, schools, community-themed events, and libraries. Past performances include: The Huck Finn Jubilee, Victorville, CA, Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Festival, CA, Claremont Folk Festival, and the Sawdust Festival, Laguna Beach. They were the featured bluegrass band on the Dr. Pepper float in the 1993 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA. Sandii has also released 2 music CDs, one with children's folk songs, and the other with Christmas songs.

Here is a list of school assemblies Sandii offers: The Roots of American Music, Singing the Way to Reading (integrating children's literature with children's folk songs for pre-K through 3), Holiday Hoedown,a particpative show with holiday songs, A Tribute to America's Patriotic Songs (the stories behind America's patriotic songs and songs about our symbols), Johnny Appleseed and his Sister, Sally and The Celtic Connection: A Musical Journey Back to Ireland and Scotland. Visit Sandii's website to see pictures and indepth descriptions of her muscial assemblies, as well as endorsements.

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