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Phone: 630-781-8256
For grades: Junior High through College.
Fees for live visit: $500 for a day assembly, $250 each for additional performances at the same school.
Funding: Many funding opportunities exist. The shows are sponsored by Heritage Stage, a National Heritage Foundation. Individual or business contributions are tax exempt. We can help with funding information.


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Garey's Twain is uncanny. You lose yourself and forget that it's a show. Don't miss it!
--- WFMJ Televison

TheMark Twain HIMSELF show is a visit by Mark Twain to your school through the magic of theatre. In this authentic slice of Americana, Richard Garey creates the character and atmosphere of the famous Mark Twain lecture. From the moment Samuel Clemens, alias Mark Twain, steps onto your school stage he will captivate, entertain, amuse, and challenge your student audience. Asserting that the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated,, Mr. Twain takes your audience on a journey through nineteenth century America, introduces your students to native American humor, demonstrates the humorous story, and occasionally faces the serious corners of life.

Making history and literature come alive, Mark Twain HIMSELF will win the hearts and minds of your students. This portrait of America's most beloved and most quoted author has delighted, entertained, and enriched audiences all over the United States. You will remember the quotable quotes, the wisdom, the characters, the fun, and the man. It's as American as apple pie. It's Mark Twain HIMSELF at your school.
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Richard Garey is a talented and experienced actor with acting credits in over 40 states and Canada. In addition to an acting career that spans over two decades, Garey has also taught acting at the high school and college levels. He has formed three successful theatre companies and has been a stage director and producer. Most recently, he is using his talents with a production company Heritage Stage.

Current projects include a Mark Twain Mississippi River Tour in the Spring of 2003, a Mark Twain HIMSELF tour from Cleveland to Vancouver in the Summer of 2003 following a train tour done by Twain in 1895, and a television production called Mark Twain at Home.

Other Garey signature one-man roles include President John F. Kennedy in JFK, a 19th century New England sea captain in Captain Bates, and the Bible writer John Mark in The Gospel According to Mark.

Mr. Garey combines his passion as an actor, his skill as a storyteller, and his experience as a teacher to bring the excitement of personal contact between his characters and students. Garey holds a Masters degree from James Madison University and is a poet and playwright. In 2002-2003 Mr. Garey will schedule school assemblies, school fundraisers, and theatre performances through Heritage Stage, a National Heritage Foundation. Our foundation purpose is to promote America's literary heritage and to support American teachers by providing study guides, videos, and school performances.

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