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Phone: 865-670-9676
For grades: K-8 grade
Fees for live visit: $350-700 special discounts for block bookings.example several shows in a 50 mile radious
Funding: Special funding applied for.


Ventriloquist, puppeteer, and balloon artist »

The program's positive message about everyday values touched a chord with all the children from kindergarten to fifth grade. One of the best motivational programs for children that I have ever seen.
--- Phyllis E. Garner Principal Walland Elementary School; Walland, TN, Dawn Sumlin, Character Education Coordinator; Hendrix Drive Elementary School; Forrest Park, GA

Each program uses ventriloquism, puppetry, balloon art, storytelling, and is loaded with visuals and illustrations. Each show is 40 minutes long.

Students will learn how drug, alcohol, and tobacco harm the body and leads students into crime and other related regrettable results. Mr. Lighty uses ventriloquism, puppetry, and balloon art in a fast moving paced show. The show deals with how to avoid student peer pressure in resisting abuse related temptation. The show also teaches students who they can go to for good sound advice and counseling.

Students will learn why it is important to learn to read. They learn that reading helps them write better, earn more finances, be better educated, and helps one to make wise decisions. The students also learn study habits they can apply in school such as being observant, patient, loyal, and wise. These characteristics have been illustrated by a wise old owl magically made from balloons. Students motivation and self discipline are encouraged.

Students will learn about great leaders and what made them great. The show will reveal how our country was founded on a solid foundation of important principles and how America has stood the test through the years. Students will be motivated to "be all they can be" and lay a solid educational foundation in their lives and strive to be a future productive patriotic champion U.S. citizen. Students will learn the importance of honoring God, flag, and country.

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Ron Lighty has been doing ventriloquism, puppetry, and balloon art for 30 years. Besides performing, he has conducted several workshops on the art as well. Children's education and entertainment has been his primary shows. Ron has the ability to take any topic of interest to children and create a clever unique and visualized message that is presented to children.Ron has appeared on both radio and T.V. He also took part in a documentary film on ventriloquism.

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