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Phone: (281) 482-5423
For grades: 4 - 12 in the Houston, Texas area
Fees for live visit: I will send a price list to the schools. My price depends on the number of classes attending each section.


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A four star lesson! Mrs. Vogas has a multimedia presentation with current research. Her professional presentation provided students with many new facts in a format that kept their interest.. She is an excellent model for quality instruction.
--- Moore Elementary - Pasadena I.S.D., Texas

I present a 3 hour program divided over two days to students in grades 4 through 12 on endangered animals and the tropical rainforest. I discuss benefits, beauty, and current problems facing the tropical rainforest, the main reasons why animals are becoming endangered today, what is being done to help, and what students can do to help. I use particular endangered animals to exemplify reasons why animals are endangered today. The information is as current as possible on the challenges facing endangered animals in the wild today and what projects students can participate in to help. Some of the endangered animals that I talk about are giant panda, orangutans, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, gorillas, snow leopards, tigers, whales, sea turtles, birds, and bears. I incorporate information from experts that I have heard speak. A few are Biurte Galdikas (orangutans), Jane Goodall (chimpanzees), Richard Leakey (African wildlife), Mark Plotkin ( tropical rainforest medicines), Cynthia Moss(elephants), Roger Payne (whales), Laurie Marker (cheetahs), and Amy Veeder (gorillas). I tell true stories in my program that I have heard some of these experts tell.
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I graduated from the University of Houston as a secondary science teacher. I taught high school science for 10 years in North Carolina and in Texas. I received a master's degree in mid-management from the University of Houston. I developed a presentation on endangered animals. Now, I present a three-hour program divided over two days to over 3,000 students a year. As I continued to do these presentations, I realized that I was indeed helping to educate students and teachers about endangered animals. Teachers started telling me that I was making a difference. In order to enrich my program, I have traveled to Costa Rica, gone on a whale watch in which I saw blue and humpback whales, gone on a sea turtle watch in Florida, took a class at Sea World on dolphins and took a class at the Yellowstone Institute. I also give presentations to adult groups. I have been a presenter at the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST). Articles concerning my work have been published in the Houston Chronicle, Sun Newspaper, The Catholic Herald, Pongo Quest, and the Tropical Tribune.
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