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Phone: (610) 582-5064
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: From $475 and up


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The number of people who lingered to ask you questions after the concert was a testimony to your ability to intrigue as well as entertain...
--- Valley Forge Historical Society

Through his company, WireHarp Productions, Robert focuses on the folk music of Early America, most notably that of the British Isles.He plays the wirestrung Irish harp, a genuine baroque violin (c. 1760), a baroque flute (c. 1790), a flageolet (pennywhistle, c. 1850) and an English guittar made by John Preston (c.1770).He made the harp himself, as well as his historically accurate clothing.Robert is most effective when combining an assembly with classroom visits. His training and experience as a certified music teacher is put to best use, andhe provides level appropriate handouts to aid in lesson work.
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Robert Mouland is a professional musician specializingin historical presentations on numerous instruments. He has appearedat a wide variety of museums, historic sites and festivals, and has entertainedvisitors from around the world. His training as an educator is apparentthroughout his presentations, and especially in the classroom. Robert's philosophy is that a school program should have a clearlydefined educational role and not be mere entertainment. He is always in the role of educator as well as performer, even when appearing at such places as the Winterthur Museum, Carpenter's Hall(Philadelphia) or Colonial Williamsburg.

Robert Mouland's use of period instruments, genuine antiquesand historically accurate clothing when portraying the music of the American colonies make him one of the most unique performers in any venue.

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