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Phone: 949-631-2703 or 760-717-9666
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: Travel expenses for out of state and outside of Southern California.
Fees for live visit: $375.00 for the first assembly ($400.00 outside L.A. and Orange Counties) and $275.00 for each additional assembly ($300.00 outside L.A. and Orange Counties).


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What a wonderfully important approach you have to the teaching of our past...
--- James Whitmore, actor

George Washington. Meet the Father of Our Country as he separates fact from myth about his life from the cherry tree to crossing the Delaware River.

Thomas Jefferson. He was the Third President, but the Sage of Monticello would rather be remembered as a scientist, farmer, inventor, architect, and author of the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Edison. This interactive program show how the Wizard of Menlo Park invented the electric light bulb, phonogragh, and motion pictures.Your adaptation of my great-grandfather, Thomas Edison, would be much appreciated by him.-Professor David E. Edison Sloan, University of New Haven.

Franklin D. Roosevelt. We meet F.D.R. as he looks back at his accomplishments as President and ahead to victory in World War II and rebuilding the postwar world.

Harry S. Truman,The Buck Stops Here. In his blunt, plain speaking style, Mr. Truman tells how he met the challenges of the Presidency from dropping the Atomic Bomb to the dismissal of General MacArthur.

Golda Meir. As prime minister of an embattled nation, her story is also the story of the State of Israel....I'm actually talking to Golda Meir.-Tony Valdez, host, Midday Sunday, KTTV-TV, Los Angeles, CA.

Theodore Roosevelt. He was a  hunter and conservationist, warrior and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, trust buster and family man, and was the one of our most dynamic Presidents.

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Report from KCAL-TV

News articles about my past performances: Thomas Jefferson, Golda Meir

Slide Show from performance at Nixon Presidential Library...

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Peter Small believes that it is people who make history happen. While teaching social studies, he developed his program with costumed presentations from George Washington to Harry Truman for his classes, which became memorable and enjoyable lessons for his pupils.He has performed before a wide variety of audiences. For ten years he was the presenter at Knott's Berry Farm's Thomas Edison Workshop. He has been a performing artist with The Performing Tree of Los Angeles, and is currently an adjunct instructor for the Older Adults Program at the North Orange County Community College District. He has performed at the Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, and George Bush Presidential Libraries, Port Huron, Michigan's Thomas Edison Festival, and has appeared on the History Channel and KTTV-TV's Midday Sunday in Los Angeles.

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