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Phone: 607-844-8734
For grades: k-6



Mrs. McPuppet makes the world dance.
--- 2nd grade child

Mrs. McPuppet and Her Menagerie
Mrs. McPuppet has been writing songs about animals since "The Little Red Hen", the hardworking chicken that sings "when someone needs help then it's your turn." Meet the Baby Hippo all the way from Africa, see the metamorphosis of the caterpillar in "Butterfly", cheer on the Parisian rat, Norman, as he performs in Mrs. McPuppet's suitcase circus and learn the gestures of the country critters in Fiddle ! Fee. From the exotic animals in our backyard to the ones from the far corners of the earth, let's sing about their unique qualities with "Every Animal Has A Different Way of Talking"

Lots of opportunity for research and projects before and after the performance with the help of a packet of ideas included with the CDs. Mrs. Mcpuppet's menagerie will delight and encourage a curiosity about animal life.

Mrs. McPuppet's Musical Styles
There is a tasty selection of musical styles to learn about in this performance from rounds to rock and roll, from folk tunes to waltzes. Mrs. McPuppet brings them to life using her suitcases full of theatrics. Feel the strong beat of the meringue rhythm of "Columbus Said" in contrast to the lilting one two three one two three of "Waltzing with Fireflies." Each song is illustrated with a visual treat. Prepare for the performance and learn the round "Hopscotch Toodle-oo". Make a kazoo to play with "Riding My Bicycle" and listen to the blues, honky-tonk, and operatic versions of Henny Penny. It's a fun way to become aware of the great variety of musical styles in our culture.

Mrs. McPuppet's Family and Friends
One of the most important things in life is friends. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they need a little water and sunshine to thrive. Looking at a variety of families and friends, let's celebrate the importance of caring for each other. Taffy, the pet dog, will poke her head out of her doghouse to howl to "My Puppy Dog," watch the Gingerbread Boy run away from the Little Old Lady and the Little Old Man and learn the sign language to "Love Grows". Cheer your teachers on as they become the animals in "the Mitten" or the family in "Lasagna." This performance will make you feel the warmth of friendship.

Mrs. McPuppet's Community Night
It's a party, and everyone's invited. For a toe-tapping jamboree. Mrs. McPuppet will put on a show full of fun and include children she's rehearsed with that day. They will sing some of the favorites and introduce some new songs. Children enjoy sharing Mrs. McPuppet with their families, so it's a good chance to bring mom, dad, sisters, brothers, friends, and neighbors together for a fun night to remember as a follow up to the school.
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Elizabeth McMahon, a.k.a. Mrs. McPuppet, has never let go of the artistic spirit she had as a child. With her feet firmly planted in the arts, she has been a painter, a puppeteer, and a singer-songwriter, shifting her focus to wherever she can communicate the best.

In 1993 she wrote and recorded her first album, "Blue Sky Sparklin' Day". Praised by School Library Journal, "This is one of those rare recordings that children and parents can enjoy again and again." With this album she began the development of her performing personality, Mrs. McPuppet. As Mrs. McPuppet, Elizabeth sings and tells stories, all illustrated with the family of hand crafted, colorful puppets and costumes she has created. The songs bubble up from the whimsical vignettes of family life, the beauty of the upstate New York countryside, her travels around the world, and some classic folk tales.

Mrs. McPuppet performs all over the state in schools and atcommunity events. In 1997, and 1998, she received several grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts to be an "Artist in Residence" in elementary schools. On March 1997, her second album, "The Tea Party Shuffle", was released and reviewed in Booklist in June 1998. "The Little Red Hen, an original song from Blue Sky Sparklin' Day, was selected to be the feature song in an educational packet developed by Brighter Visions, a division of Harlequin Books. Mrs. McPuppet is a seasoned performer with pizzazz, always a hit and much loved by audiences of all ages. Her new album "Waltzing With Fireflies", was released in December, 1999. The recordings of Elizabeth McMahon are distributed by Rounder Kids (1-800223-6357) and are also available on her web site:

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