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Phone: 330.966.9440
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $580.00 plus traveling expenses over 30 miles from Canton
Funding: Occasional grants may provide scholarship funds.


Playwrights, dramatists, storytellers, mimes »

All the following programs have a Teacher Study Guide distributed before the performance. Each program is one hour in length and includes a discussion period. All dramas are open ended, thus stimulating personal reflection.

WHO AM I? is a play about Madison, her family and friends. Madison has an eating disorder and her problem effects everyone around her. Male correlations are also explored.

BABIES HAVING BABIES is a drama about teen pregnancy and was first presented as a CBS After School Special. This cast includes actual teen mothers who share their own life experiences.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? raises awareness and sensitivity about people living with disabilities in a powerful way. All cast members happen to be persons who have disabilities.

THE FENCES BETWEEN is a biographical play about a northern born black (1908 - ),a prominent educator and activist, who wrote two books about her life. This play personifies success through struggle, the importance of education and the prejudice common in both black and white cultures.
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Lois DiGiacomo, founder/director of The Rainbow Repertory Company, Inc., has gathered artists talented in drama, storytelling, singing, dancing and mime to present entertainment and social issue dramas to students at all grade levels.

Rainbow artists also create client specific programs and are available for residencies and workshops for students and teachers.

Current topics include anorexia, self esteem, prejudice, diversity, living with disabilities, teen pregnancy, black history and others.

The Rainbow Repertory Company has toured northeast Ohio since 1994.

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