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Phone: 503-931-1460
For grades: Elementary - 1 through 8
Fees for live visit: $900.00 per day plus expenses if over 200 miles from Silverton, OR


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We really enjoyed you guys, when are you coming back to play again?
--- letters from students

Jim and Alan provide a fun slice of folk flavored musical history from the 50's and 60's. They go beyond rehashing old Folk Songs made popular by The Kingston Trio, The Limelighters, and Peter, Paul, and Mary, they reach out to include their audiences in sing-a-longs, comedy, dances and other participatory activities. Their show is about feeling good - about life, yourself and the people around you. Their performance emphasizes being able to laugh with and at yourself.
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In the early 1960's Jim Christiansen and Alan Mickelson began performing their renditions of the music that was echoing the spirt of the times, Folk Music, a revival that swept the country. Smooth harmonies and hilarious routines made them a standing room only event. They eventually went their seperate ways pursuing different careers and lost track of each other. In 1995 they discoverd ironically they lived only four blocks apart. Jim and Alan have since renewed their friendship and mutual love of performing folk music and have added a 3rd member. They have resurrected an entertainment style that had delighted audiences a generation ago.
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