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Phone: 401-351-2596
For grades: K-12, College, and Adult
Requirements for live visit: All shows are very flexible and meant for touring.
Fees for live visit: $400-$1000 per show, depending on travel, event, show performed, and booking date.
Funding: Touring Artist Roster, NEFA; ``Touring Artist Roster, RISCA; ``Educational Artist Roster, RISCA.


Clown, Actor, Teacher, Psycho-Entomologist »

A Wacky Witty Creature Feature- a wonderful and amusing spectacle
--- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Acme Clown Company uses popular theatrical traditions (such as circus, puppetry, clowning, commedia, masked performance, magic, vaudeville, and "method acting" to amaze, educate, and entertain audiences of all ages.

We create shows and workshops based in these traditions.



Trained fleas perform spectacular circus stunts as seen before (and on top of)The crowned Heads of Europe.


The great tragedies of the world, performed by puppetsfor your entertainment and enjoyment. Includes The Barbie Oedipus , The Vegetable MacBeth , and A Short Day's Journey Into Night

RAGNAROK: A Tale of Destruction Told By a Clown

The tale of the Norse Destruction of the End of the World, as told by Loki the trickster.

Suitable for older audiences (ages 12 and over)


Improvised clown hijinks and classic clown routines, perfect for festivals, weddings, and other events (PLEASE NO BIRTHDAY PARTIES)


Workshops and residencies for all ages in clowning, puppetry, improvisation, juggling, acting, or other circus arts.

Also available...

Adam G. Gertsacov is an actor, director, and clown based in Providence,RI.

He has been amazing, entertaining, and educating audiences of all ageswith his original and witty shows for the last ten years throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe.

Adam is a graduate of Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Clown College (MFA), the Dell'Arte School of PhysicalTheatre, the University of Pennsylvania (BA) Rhode Island College (MA), Trinity Rep Conservatory, Weber Douglas Academy, and the Boston School of Bartending, making him one of the most educated clowns in the world, barring certain elected officials.

Adam has worked with numerous clown and theatrical luminaries, including Dario Fo, Bill Irwin, George Coates, Avner the Eccentric, Tony Montanaro, Ctibor Turba, Bolek Polivka, and Fred Curchak, among many others.

Adam is the boss clown, big cheese, and chief bottlewasher of The Acme Clown Company .


In 2001, Adam will be the clown laureate and buffoon in residence in Greenbelt Maryland.

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