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Phone: (828) 253-7225
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: Timmy travels with a high quality PA system, requires only a 6' table
Fees for live visit: Special school fees $600 single / $1100 back-to-back, block may be necessary.


Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Storyteller, Recording Artist »

...really, truly absolutely rich and rambunctious, well-crafted [children's music] good, you won't want car trips to end.
--- USA-Today

Timmy Abell has a number of program offerings including family concerts, school programs for all grade levels, songwriting residencies and programs for adults and seniors. Please contact Timmy for a description of the program which interests you.

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Timmy Abell is an entertainer of families and young folks - a national concert performer, storyteller and recording artist whose performances feature fine music, strong values and mostly, excellent fun. His reputation as a premiere songwriter and entertainer has been garnered from 30 years of touring in 21 states at countless festivals, schools and concert halls, where even senior citizens and the coolest middle-schoolers have been known to give rave reviews. Timmy plays hammered dulcimer, English concertina, bowed psaltery, lap dulcimer, penny whistle, guitar and banjo. Sponsors include The Kennedy Center, The National Theater in Washington, the JFK Library in Boston,The Richmond Children's Museum, The Savannah Music Festival, The Peace Center, MerleFest, on and on.

Reviews of his recordings have placed Abell among the southern region's top contemporary songwriters for children, and his recordings have received the highest national awards both from The American Library Association, "Parent's Choice" Gold, and NAPPA.

North Carolina Public Television has featured Timmy's original songs on their Celebration Series and in a 1-hour Television Special, Timmy & Friends, also available on home video.

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