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Phone: (613)248-8940
For grades: all
Fees for live visit: depending on area.


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The Best in the Business. These guys are hilarious.
--- Joe Pava (Entertainment Coordinator CCEA)

The show features a barrage of tricks laced with continuous patter between themselves and the audience. They create a nonstop roller-coaster ride of a show by expertly meshing a high level of technical skill with their tried and tested characters. Also avid ad-libbers, The Cowguys love to interact with the crowd and find humour amongst their spectators. Their best shows are those in which the crowd "creates" its own material. Aside from keeping shows interesting for themselves, these ad-libbed bits are what keep crowds coming back to see the Cowguys' show again and again.

The Cowguys have performed in English, French and silently.

Skills found in the show include...

  • Clown,
  • Bullwhip,
  • Fire-eating / Manipulation,
  • Juggling,
  • Balloon origami,
  • Physical comedy,
  • Hat manipulation ,
  • Magic tricks,
  • Large scale illusions,
  • Head-object balancing,
  • Mini-bicycle riding,
  • Improvisation.
    Also available...

    The Cowguys are an Ottawa based performing duo who have been delighting audiences worldwide since1990. "100 % Canadian Ground Beef" is the title of their award winning show, in which they expertly blend circus, western and magic skills with dexterity, wit, danger, and stupidity. A comic explosion waiting to happen, the Cowguys are "Guaranteed Fresh" and will make your sides hurt from laughing too much. If causing excessive laughter was a crime they'd be illegal.
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