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Phone: (954)472-4497
For grades: Pre-k to 4th Grade
Requirements for live visit: Airfare & Hotel for 7 performers if Flying.
Fees for live visit: Fees starting at $900.00 for local shows in South Florida


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We sincerely appreciate your professionalism and your dedicated efforts and look forward to the opportunity to work with you again
--- Christa Goldman/South Florida Parenting Magazine

Tiki's Musical Adventure is the first CD release featuring Tiki, The Kangaroo, Hootie, the Owl, and the Star dusters. There are ten original songs on this album using different styles of music such as Hip hop, 50's rock, and country. Each track has the characters narrate and introduce the next song in a language a child would easily understand. The stage show version of this production is currently being considered by the Broward County school Board for use in their 202 elementary schools throughout the county. The music featured in this CD and cassette are all upbeat songs that maintain a festive atmosphere throughout it's play. Songs include:

Welcome Everybody
This song is used to introduce our performers to the audience. It has a hip-hop beat to it in order to draw the attention of the children into the show. The audience is encouraged to clap along with the dancers as they sing the song.

Can You Do All That
The Stardusters use this song to show Tiki that nothing is hard to do, so long as you put your mind to it. Personal hygiene and school activities are encouraged through the lyrics of the song. This song is used also to help the children identify themselves through Tiki. We use a Caribbean beat in this number.

My Recipe

One of the stardusters teaches the children the importance of eating right and staying healthy through exercise. Choreographed aerobics are used in this song.

Friends Forever

Hootie is introduced into the show at this point. The stardusters sing about the importance of friendship. This song was written with a country style.


In this number, we teach the children all the fun and artistic abilities you can enjoy by using imagination. Special effects, Lights and magic as well as audience participation are used to get this message across. We used 50's music in this number.

Safety Break

In Safety Break, we encourage children to be safe by looking both ways before crossing the street, avoiding drugs, not playing with matches and other safety tips. A rap style was used in this song.

I'm Special

Each child on this world is special in one way or another regardless of race, color, or creed. This lesson is sung very well. Block Letters are used to spell out the word Special in this song.

Emotions In Motion

Children are taught to not be ashamed to show their emotions. Whether a child is feeling happy, sad, silly or mad, they should express themselves in a safe and healthy way.

My Family

This song is used to teach children to feel comfortable with their family whether they come from a traditional family, a divorced family, or even live with their grandparents. Love is what is important in the family unit.

So Long, Good-bye

This song brings to a conclusion the 30 minute show by each performer saying good-bye in his native language. Children are encouraged to clap their hands and wave good-bye.
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Want the best in Top-quality entertainment for your next event? Book Superstar Productions for your festival or special event, and you'll be running with the big leagues.Superstar Productions has performed for the members of the "Billionaire's Club" at Donald Trump's Mara- Lago in Palm Beach, as well as official events for the cities of Pembroke Pines, Weston, Hallandale, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Founded By Rob Guerra in 1989, Superstar Productions is the professional incarnation of Guerra's lifetime of entertainment. Driven from within, Guerra started as a child actor at the age of five, entertaining neighbors at ten-cent mini-carnivals in his friend's backyard. Eventually Guerra graduated to television commercials such as Mcdonald's, Gatorade and Nynex, and soon was cast in television sitcoms Miami Vice, Kate and Allie as well as B.L. Stryker.

"It was my love for the stage, and for bringing miles of smiles to the faces of the young and the young at heart that inspired me to open Superstar Productions", says Guerra.Guerra's rise to fame continues- he's currently in pre--production of an original television show Stay tuned for more news about the Upcoming show... Tiki's Three Little Pigs Adventure is the 4th CD release featuring Tiki, The Kangaroo, her baby, Joey, "Sydney", The Hip Hop Koala and the Star dusters. This CD tells the famous fairy tale of the Thrre Pigs using popular songs from the 70's and eighties with a change in lyrics to help tell the story. Narrated by Tiki with interaction from her baby, Joey.

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