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Email: mark(at)
Phone: 1-800-378-4971
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: 1/$600, 2/$800, 3/$900 same location/same day. Discounts given for multiple schools in one district as well as combinations of performances and workshops.
Funding: Some funding is available through the CT Commission on the Arts.


Multi-Disciplinary Performance Artist »

  • Beyond the Borders: A Collaboration of Cultures - Starting with the haunting sounds of Overtone Singing from Central Asia and making stops around the world, this program celebrates how cultures come together and influence each other.
  • Breathing Underwater: Drums, Songs & Stories About The Sea - a mix of songs with a choice of two interactive tales, Raven Stops the Rain (Siberia) or Skeleton Woman (Inuit) (Available on Cassette & CD)
  • Abi Yo Yo And The Pillars of Character - A creatively dysfunctional (and annoying) family save a town (and themselves) from a giant.
  • Drum of the Elephant King: A Magical, Musical Adventure Story From Haiti - An epic tale that explains why there are no elephants in Haiti and why there are so many drums. (Available on CD & Cassette)
  • Monkey & Leopard: Drums, Songs & Stories from Africa.
  • Beneath the Northern Star: Drums, Songs & Stories of Northern Lands
  • Mysts & Magick: Celtic Drums, Songs & Stories
  • Season of Light: Drums, Songs & Stories for a multi-cultural holidayseason
  • Funky Monkey! Pumpkin Pie: Drums, Songs & Stories about Animals & Food

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    Mark Shepard is a multi-disciplinary performer who uses drums, songs & stories to interactively engage, captivate and educate audiences of all ages.

    Among the drums he uses are the African Djembe & Djun-Djun (which he hand-carved), The Irish Bodhran, Siberian Shaman Drum and the Kanjira from India. He also plays guitar, piano and wooden flute. He has written over 300 songs, many of which appear on his 9 releases on Scarecrow Records.

    His repertoire of stories spans the globe and ranges from epic adventures, to teaching tales, to story-songs; from the serious to the seriously ridiculous.

    Shepard is also an avid practitioner of Central Asian Overtone Singing (a technique allowing the production of more than one note at a time) and Throat Whistling.

    When appropriate he invites audience members to assist him in creating sound effects using various percussion instruments. He offers programs based upon a wide range of themes & topics.

    Mark Shepard is on the roster of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and the Southern CT Library Council.

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