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Phone: 401-331-9080
For grades: K-8
Requirements for live visit: Prefer having students sit on the floor near the actors rather than using a stage; mixed grade levels (max. of 250 students per show). Student volunteers for Participatory performances.
Fees for live visit: $425-625


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I wish your play was a movie so I could watch it over and over again.
--- 5th grader

WE GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT.. Since 1962, PTO members, cultural arts coordinators, teachers, nurses and principals have invested in us for what we do best - Educate through performance.WANTED. STUDENT ACTORS.. We create original, PARTICIPATION plays with small integral parts for 6-12 students to perform with LGT actors in an ensemble production. Nothing so quickly brings a sense of community to a school as one of our participatory productions.LEARN TO READ. READ TO LEARN.. LGT is one of a few theaters in the country keeping abreast of contemporary children's books on school reading lists. Then we compile, adapt, and dramatize excerpts to live musical accompaniment. No sets, no props. Just good acting, good words and good music. The perfect remedy for a sleepy imagination.GOTTA LAUGH..In 1994 LGT introduced ISSUES THROUGH HUMOR, presenting comedic plays tackling topical issues pertinent to children's lives such as self-image, dieting and culture, and media hype. We think humoring the heart is an excellent way to break down the isolation children feel when dealing with personal conflicts. And we know from their laughter that they think so too.
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Looking Glass Theatre, a professional company touring New England, was founded in 1962 by a group of artists, parents and teachers who were dissatisfied with the quality of theater for young people in the region. With two touring components, LGT hits the roads performing for and with more than 60,000 students in schools and libraries. Since 1987 LGT has expanded its touring region to include all of New England and created new programs to meet the needs of our growing audience. It is here she excels in adapting excerpts from books on school reading lists and dramatizing them to live musical accompaniment. LGT was the recipient of the 1999 Jabez Gorham Award for arts excellence and the 1999 Rhode Island Family Favorite Award by the Rhode Island Parents Paper.
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