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Phone: (207) 993-2327
For grades: K through University
Requirements for live visit: DARKNESS, 2 or more tables, possibly spotlight. More if we fly.
Fees for live visit: $500 (schools) $750 (Universities)+travel, accommodations.Block booking available.
Funding: This program qualifies for Arts Council funding in most states, as well as Federal Title IV, VII, IX, and Johnson-O'Malley


Multimedia Concert »

This show covered my class for a whole semester!
--- 7th grade History teacher

Phil White Hawk (Cherokee) performs his original songs, plus legends and history before a large screen where ever-changing images of Connie's paintings, stunning nature photography, and even sculpture by Veryl Goodnight are projected, sweeping audiences into the adventure story of American cultural heritage. Phil's dynamic baritone is accompanied by a Lutar, which is a cross between a medieval lute and a guitar, which enhances his 3 1/2 octave range. All concerts are positive, well-researched, and profoundly moving.

  • Native Culture Concert: A pan-tribal celebration of the common threads of philosophy and tradition that run through the tapestry of Native American cultures.
  • Western Heritage Concert: The adventure story of the West, from a Native American point of view. Take a time trip from prehistory through the Conquistadores, voyageurs, mountain men, pioneers, up to the cattle drives and the modern use of the Land: agriculture.
  • Man and Mother Earth: This concert reflects the deep respect for our Earth Mother and all the lifeforms that share her bounty with us, from the Native point of view. This is a different twist on environmental education.
  • People of the Soil: This concert salutes the American farmer, from her tribal beginnings to the present way of agriculture.
  • Visions of America: This concert presents the beauty of our homeland through the eye of the artist. This concert considers the influence of the Land itself in forming the uniquely American character.
  • Come Forth a Dream: Canada emerges as a nation from the dreams of her early explorers and first inhabitants.
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    Phil White Hawk and Connie Bellet have presented their live multimedia concerts in over 30 states, 5 provinces, and Europe, mostly to standing ovations. 168,000 students in Nebraska alone cheered the performances, thanks to a legislative grant and assistance from the State Humanities Council and Arts Council. 12 other State Arts Councils added their support.

    In 1979, a Bertrand Russell Foundation Grant sent the artists to Holland for a 10-concert tour. In 1999, Phil flew to Berlin, along with President Bush, for a performance at the installation of a monument to The Day the Wall Came Down. In the intervening time, the artists performed what eventually became six different concerts from the Mexican border to near the Arctic Circle with both WESTAF and an independent promoter. Their music and art has been presented on PBS, the Armed Forces Broadcasting System, the Northern Native Network, and Dutch National TV. In 1982, their Man and Mother Earth Concert won an award in environmental education.

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