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Phone: 410-730-2335
For grades: K - 12
Requirements for live visit: Technical Support required for out of state programs requiring air travel.
Fees for live visit: Assemblies: $250 single, $350 back-to-back. Residencies: Fees vary depending on length of stay: 5 days, 4 classrooms per day plus assembly and teacher's meeting -- $1500. Mileage outside of 50-mile radius, 30 cents per mile.
Funding: Maryland State Arts Council Grant Recipient.


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Mrs. Trainor was very creative and very talented . . . she has a beautiful voice, is very energetic and dynamic. The large total school assembly was great.
--- Running Brook Elementary teacher evaluations submitted to Maryland State Arts Council

"Making Up Songs" Residencies (Grades 3 and Up)

The purpose of this residency program is to introducesongwriting as an effective and enjoyable means of discovering,defining and expressing ideas and feelings.


  • To convey that playing with words and phrases, rhythmsand tunes can be fun to do.
  • To teach several approaches to brainstorming -- openingup to the thoughts and feelings that pop out at "unguarded"moments and following a path of associated ideas.
  • To review and practice some fundamental composing skills:selecting a topic and developing that specific idea, choosingand maintaining a rhyme scheme, and using words and details that"show" the point of the song, rather than "tell" the point ofthe song.

An introductory assembly program is encouraged, as is aconcluding assembly or evening concert, in which students havean opportunity to perform the songs they've written and hearsongs composed by others.

"Making Up Songs" Assemblies (K-2 and 3-5)

Students will be encouraged to think about writing songs asan activity that everyone (not just celebrities andprofessionals) can benefit from doing. This interactive assemblyprogram is presented as a concert of original and collectedsongs, with introductions that describe what it's like to be asongwriter, performer, and recording artist. Students will beasked to think about their own experience with the many uses ofmusic in our society, especially those designed to affectpeople's feelings and thoughts. Different styles of songs willbe explored such as parodies, cumulative songs, dance songs,educational songs, and message songs. Details about the creationof specific songs will be mentioned, including how and why thepoint of view was chosen.
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Sue Trainor is an award winning Artist-in-Education, who appearson the rosters of the Maryland State Arts Council, and theindividual rosters that serve Anne Arundel County, BaltimoreCity, Howard County, and Montgomery County in Maryland; andFairfax County, Virginia. She is also a member of the trioHot Soup.

Sue has performed and led workshops for varied populations,which include special needs, and institutionalized middle andhigh school aged students, primary school students, earlychildcare providers, and participants in festival venues acrossthe United States.

Sue has been named "Best New Artist for Young Children" inthe Children's Music Web Awards, and has won "Best Children'sVocalist" Wammie awards from the Washington Area MusicAssociation. In addition, her recording Under Tables, OutBack Doors was a top 5 finalist in its category on theChildren's Music Web, won Parent's Choice Recommendation, andhas been nominated "Best Album" for children by the WashingtonArea Music Association.

Her albums, In A Closeup, Hot Soup!, andUnder Tables, Out Back Doors are played on folk musicradio shows across North America and abroad.

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