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Phone: 330-239-6132
For grades: K-college level
Requirements for live visit: 25x25 performance area, dressing rooms
Fees for live visit: School Performances: $400 Northeast OH; $500 in OH; $500 plus travel for neighboring states. Lecture Demonstrations: $200. Master Classes: $200. Full Company: $4,000 in OH; add travel for outside Ohio. All Residency activities negotiable.
Funding: Fee Support available through the Ohio Arts Council (up to 1/3 for Ohio Presenters) Richard Graber, Executive Director is an accredited Artist In Education with the Ohio Arts Council. (Graber is fluent in Hungarian.)


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The dancers executed the steps and patterns with verve. The women spun like tops. The men sharply slapped their boots and clicked their heels. At the final curtain, the performers won a standing ovation, and they deserved it.
--- Wilma Salisbury, The Plain Dealer

Csárdás offers:

  • Mainstage performances
  • Lecture Demonstrations
  • Young People's Performances
  • Master Classes
  • "Legends of the Danube" - a folk fashion show
  • Educational programs highlighting culture and language
  • Residencies
  • Children's dances

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Csárdás is a unique dance company with an international reputation. Designed for the preservation of the dances, songs and music of the Hungarian people, Csárdás presents staged choreographies of authentic village style dancing as well as contemporary works stemming from traditions.

Csárdás Dance Company embodies the infectious exuberance of ethnic dance celebrated in villages such as vibrant and colorful children's dances, men's intricate boot-slapping sequences and skillful bottle dances. Exhibiting meticulously researched and skillful dancing along with costuming said to be amongst the most beautiful in the world, Csárdás reveals the richness of a unique culture through performances featuring a broad range of dance dialects and styles. Csárdás is pure joy, high spirits and excitement!

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