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Phone: 303-442-4052
For grades: K-12 and college audiences.
Fees for live visit: email or phone for fee schedule.


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Before you came to our school, I would just read books. Now I take time to think about what is happening in the story.
--- Fifth Grader

Popular program sampler:

  • Literature: Live! - A collection of classic and contemporary masterpieces is selected for the age group at hand. Treat your students to the best a writer can offer, brought to life.
  • Multicultural Feast - Sample the colorful textures of various cultures while celebrating what we all, as humans, hold in common.
  • Our Western Landscape - A blend of legends, tall tales, and historical records that place the trapping/trading era into a memorable historical context
  • Let's Build a Story - Using improvisational theater techniques, Susan Marie guides the audience to create and develop characters, setting, conflict, and plot right before their eyes. We all become authors on the spot - and learn in the process how to create a complete story from our own imagination.
  • A Trip at Sea - Learn the meaning of: navigation, phosphorescence, mammal, and hurricane. Laugh at the antics of a hungry but hapless whale. Marvel at the intricate leaps and hops of a Scottish hornpipe. You'll feel you've been on the ocean by the end of this program of salty sea stories.
  • A Visit to King Arthur's Court - Learn about everyday life in this era of chivalry and magic.
  • Engineering & Math Via Stories - Experiments, infinity, pulleys, and air pressure - made accessible.
  • Firsthand Accounts from the 19th Century (American History)
  • Stories to Chill Your Bones

Workshops include:

  • Beginning Storytelling
  • Improvisation
  • Let's Build a Story (Writing Workshop)
  • Capturing Family Treasures

Susan Marie delights in crafting her programs to the audience at hand. Bring a master Storysmith to your event. Call, write, or email ( for details on programs listed above, or programs addressing keywords below, or custom programs on a theme of your choosing.

Keywords: literacy, entertainment, participation, writing, ghost, horses, birds, Celtic, eastern Europe, Poland, folk tale, science, math, teacher training
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She was very entertaining, acting out the characters in such a way that, even though she was the only one up there, I could see the entire cast of each story. Ninth Grader

Audiences in 18 states and 6 countries have reveled to the storytelling of Susan Marie Frontczak. She is both a teacher and a performer for Young Audiences and a member of the Colorado Artists Showcase. In 1996 Susan Marie performed as an Exchange Place Teller at the National Storytelling Festival. Her original stories have been heard on Colorado Public Radio (Morning Edition), on her audio cassette tape The Three Fishes & Other Stories and through countless Story Gleaner productions.

I love all your gestures. I can almost understand the story just by looking at the way you move your arms! Fifth Grader

We were simply spellbound by the virtuosity of her voice and gesture, intellectual challenge, and emotional involvement. Dr. Brad Bowles, Chair, CU Department of Theatre, Denver.

Susan Marie's motto is Give me a place to stand, and I will take you somewhere else.

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