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Email: Mail4Tom@AOL.Com
Phone: 413-586-3353
For grades: All grades
Requirements for live visit: Tom requires only a chair and a glass of water.
Fees for live visit: Tom's fees depend on distance and number of days. Contact him.
Funding: Funding available through the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


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Tom McCabe is New England's very own Pied Piper. The children he entertains find in him a rare treasure. He is a one of a kind, a master storyteller.
--- Channel 5 News, Boston

When in schools, working with students, teachers, staff and/or parents, Tom is a Teaching Teller. His programs are designed to achieve three objectives: Captivate, Educate and Motivate. Tom spends the entire day in a school. Arrangements can also be made for residencies.

A day for Tom is three hours of programming: assembly programs (audience maximum approx. 200) are an hour in length, classroom writing workshops (two classes combined) are a half hour.Tom's array of programs also includes Teacher In-Service Programs (a ninety minute lesson on generating writing in the classroom), Parent Workshops (Workshop topics include Reading At Home, Writing With Your Children, and, the most popular, Conflict Resolution at Home). Tom also performs family concerts.

For those interested in a residency, Tom tries to include everyone in the experience offering programs for teachers and parents as well as students, with a family concert featuring the children as a finale. Tom will work carefully with you on the planning so that the residency in unique to your schhol, your needs and your community.

Although Tom offers a number of programs, his two most requested programs are Writing, and his Conflict Resolution program. His writing program addresses a universal problem. Tom delights in asking his audiences, "How many people have ever sat in front of a piece of paper and not known what to write?" Everyone raises a hand, even the teachers. Tom then teaches his listeners a three step method for creating original stories. As a way to model the technique for studenst and teachers, Tom helps the audience create their very own tale.

In his Conflict Resolution Program, utilizing lots of audience participation, Tom teaches the four basic steps for peacefully working out conflicts and problems. To illustrate the steps Tom shares true tales of people he has met along the way and how they handled their conflicts.

Tom's other programs includes Storytelling, World Myths, Tales from History, Read, and Aesop's Fabulous Fables.
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Tom McCabe has been awarded the Parent's Choice Award; he's performed for a million people; he's even the first storyteller ever to perform at The White House, yet when asked for his most noteworthy accomplishment, Tom proudly displays his shoes which are covered with hundreds of pins, buttons and badges, tokens of love and affection from his devoted listeners.

The educational value of his work has made Tom an extremely popular conference appearances, he has lectured on Storytelling In Education at Smith, Mount Holyoke, Dartmouth, UMASS and UCONN and taught graduate level courses at Brooklyn College.

His tales have been heard on NPR stations throughout the Northeast. An award winning playwright, Tom scripts have been produced across the US, Canada and The Netherlands.

He is Director of The Teacher's Institute where teachers learn techniques for incorporating arts in the teaching of the core curriculum.

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