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Phone: 978-927-5471
For grades: K through 6th
Fees for live visit: $540 for full day of programming, including assembly and multiple workshops, $360 for subsequent days.


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With great excitement I request a booking for your Passport program. We were so pleased with the Hola Peru program last year. Passport will continue our multicultural curriculum and help students understand and appreciate others.
--- Mary Barthelmes, Creative Arts Coordinator, Centerville School, Beverly, Ma. and President, North Shore Creative Arts Council

Hola! Join us for Passport, a geographical adventure around the world! On our way, we'll visit Mexico, Peru, Sweden, France, Morocco, Japan and Australia.

You'll have the chance to learn a bit of the local language, play with some toys, try on a traditional costume or a modern soccer uniform,and perhaps even sample a typical food, like Japanese seaweed!

Passport is an interactive introduction to geography and different cultures. The program begins with a short assembly for all the "travelers." Then, in small groups, children rotate around the world through the stations representing 7 different countries. At each stop, they can explore a wealth of materials, including crafts, toys, clothing, and packages from familiar products like cereal and shampoo.

Invite your students on an interactive journey for a glimpse into the intriguing culture of Peru. Hola Peru! introduces children to one of the world's most diverse and fascinating countries. Most North Americans, if we have any images of Peru, think of the rainforest or the fabled mountain ruins of Machu Picchu. Peru includes these images, but also much more - from modern Lima to the expanses of Peruvian desert (drier than the Sahara!) as well as the Amazon jungle and the peaks of the Andes.

Hola Peru! begins with a slide show assembly that introduces children to some of Peru's diversity. Following the assembly, individual classes each participate in a 45-minute workshop. Each class rotates in small groups accompanied by a teacher or parent "tour guide," through a series of hands-on stations. The stations feature:

  • - Peruvian music and instruments to play
  • - Traditional hats to view and costumes to wear
  • - Everyday items, including some that may be surprisingly familiar.
  • - Artifacts and handicrafts, such as weavings and a preserved piranha!
  • - A gallery of colorful, three dimensional wall hangings where children conduct an "I Spy-like"-like search for a list of items

The goal of Passport and Hola Peru! is to have children appreciate both the differences and similarities between ourselves and other cultures.
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Joanna Liss was raised in New York City, attended the American College in Paris, France, the University of New Mexico, and received her M. Ed. from Tufts.

She managed the U.S. branches of an international chain of children's bookstores, Cambridge's Children's Workshop, and was the education director for a Japanese cultural exchange and language education program.

Currently, in addition to designing and presenting the Hola! programs, Joanna is a coordinator for a Swedish organization that brings young foreign adults to live with U.S. families as au pairs.

Joanna and her husband are the parents of Max and Carolina, both adopted from Peru.

Aside from Australia, Joanna has spent time in each of the countries represented in Passport. She has lived, studied and/or traveled in these countries, sampled local customs and foods, and collected items, from preserved piranhas to shampoo bottles, to use in her cultural presentations.

Joanna loves the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for travel and cultural diversity with her equally enthusiastic young audiences.

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