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Phone: 530-533-1290
For grades: All grades. K-12
Requirements for live visit: Depends on show wanted. Perhaps power source.
Fees for live visit: $200-$300 per show.


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I was especially impressed with your ability to develop such a positive audience rapport with all age groups...It was obvious from your twinkling eyes that you enjoy your work and the art of illusion.
--- Carolyn Adkisson, Principal

Bill can adapt his program to most any theme needed, giving your event something visually stunning to remember. He has a powerful and fun anti-drug show for all ages. And he has also helped others to create award winning programs. His school shows touch on themes of literature and Science. There is always comedy and audience participation.

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With over 40 years of experience working with magic and audiences of all ages, Bill enjoys creating a special program for each client. Your guests will share the spotlight as the magic happens with them. As a “Professor of Mind Teasing & Spirit Tickling” my Magical Wonder Shows are guaranteed to have everyone talking AND laughing! It’s not about trick boxes or hired assistants. It’s about your guests and making magic happen with them. Sometimes a mad professor or a pitchman with zany inventions, or using special effects to bring dramatic poetry to life. He is also a school teacher and combines that knowledge to bring educational themes to his shows when needed.

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