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Phone: 301-694-0746
For grades: middle to high school
Fees for live visit: $500.00 per performance.


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Wanda Schell's performance of Zora Neale Hurston was electrifying. During her performance I was almost convinced that I was witnessing the reincarnation of Ms.Hurston. My only regret is that the entire Eatonville community was not in attendance.
--- Abraham Gordon, Mayor of Eatonville,home of Zora Neale Hurston

"Forever Zora" is a zesty one- woman play about Zora Neale Hurston's outrageous life during the Harlem Renaissance. The play will journey through Zora's life, capturing Zora's travels with Langston Hughes,her brush with Voodoo,political views and her climb up the literary ladder."The Hiding Place" is a one-woman show that tells the life story of Mary Elizabeth Bowser. Born a slave she was given her freedom and sent up North when she was thirteen. At the start of the Civil War, she returned to the South and pretended to be a slave. With the help of Elizabeth Van Ler, she began working as a servant in the White House of the Confederacy so she could spy for the Union Army.
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Considered a Creative ball of energy, Wanda Schell is multifaceted. She is a published playwright, actress,comedian, singer,and storyteller. A Masters Candidate and graduate of Trinity Rep Conservatory with a Bachelor of Arts in theatre from Rhode Island College. She has performed key roles with numerous theatre companies around the US and has worked with Veteran actors such as Ruby Dee, Rhonda Ross, and Ella Joyce, and the late George Huston Bass. Ms. Schell voiced her commitment to teaching young people about socially sensitive topics via theatre when she founded Theatre for Emily, Inc. Under her direction, the company toured schools, colleges, community centers and civic groups throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, Georgia and Florida.She also wrote and produced a four part anti-drug soapopera that aired on cable TV and was utilized in Providence middle and high schools. Overall, Wanda's efforts are lauded for bringing positive role models to life and emerging as a force that gives depth and meaning to teenagers and adult lives
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