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Phone: 602-647-4280
For grades: 6-12
Requirements for live visit: I need hand held microphone or cordless microphone 18-20 portable chairs for the stage or gym floor.
Fees for live visit: $1800 for one show $2800 for two given the same day.


The School Assembly Hypnotist »

A most powerful performance that students will remember always.
--- Tom Hagen, Northen Illinois University

Experience Your Most Memorable School Assembly Program

Wayne Perkins, the school assembly hypnotist performs his Concert of Stage Hypnotism

The Concert of Stage Hypnotism is an exciting audience participation program . For over 20 years, Wayne has given shows to high schools and junior high school throughout the United States.

All hypnotic demonstrations are genuine using volunteers from your audience. Each volunteer is treated with courtesy and respect. However the show remains upbeat and funny.

Exciting mind magic will linger in the classroom long after the performance.

In addition to the entertaining show, Wayne can slant his performance to any of the following topics, DARE, (Drug Abuse Resistance Training) Building Positive Self-esteem, Stop Violence Now, and Using Positive Thoughts To Achieve Classroom Success.

Book Wayne for your very next school assembly program!
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In addition to entertaining and enlightening school assembly programs using all volunteers from the student body, Wayne focuses on helping students resist drug abuse, build confidence and self esteem and improve study and performance skills. Wayne Perkins, the school assembly hypnotist, has presented his Concert of Stage Hypnotism, to high schools and colleges for over 20 years. In his demonstrations he uses all volunteers from the audience. Wayne entertains and helps students overcome test anxiety.

Wayne F. Perkins, is Certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and received his training at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, the New Focus Institute and the Hypnotism Institute of Chicago.

Wayne is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National League of Medical Hypnotherapists and the Arizona Society of Professional Hypnosis.

As an author/publisher Wayne is a member of the Publishers Marketing Association and the Arizona Book Publishers.

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