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Phone: 860-572-9285
For grades: 4-12
Requirements for live visit: Best suited for a rotation of small groups of 20-40 students.
Fees for live visit: starting at $600.
Funding: Partial funding may be available through the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.


Songwriter / Recording Artist »

One of the best teachers to emerge in the last 20 years on the subject of songwriting and music. Few people have this knowledge and such willingness to share it.
--- John Braheny, author of the Craft and Business of Music

Modern music technology shows students new ways to think about computers, math, and science. This interactive program shows students a variety of unusual ways to create and control sound, and students hear their own voices transformed into totally new and different forms. The shape of sound waves is shown and students can see what their name "looks" like. The underlying physics and math are linked to the visual demonstrations. Other programs in songwriting are available as well. Suitable for all ages, as the presentation is done in an age-appropriate manner.
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  • Official Connecticut State Troubadour
  • Director of Special Projects, Connecticut Songwriters Association
  • Founder and Chair, Local United Network to Combat Hunger
  • Parents Choice Award
  • Connecticut Renaissance Award
  • Member Music Educators National Conference
  • Member Association for Psychological Type
  • Connecticut Songwriter of the Year '82 and '92
  • Citation for Outstanding Community Service Through Music from Connecticut General Assembly
  • Ranked #1 booth at the annual Science and Math Jamboree at Connecticut College
  • Producer of the Harry Chapin Legacy Concert Series
  • 13 award-winning CD's of original songs recorded and released

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