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Phone: (250) 721 - 2599
For grades: all
Requirements for live visit: Piano is needed at school.
Fees for live visit: The fee can be quite minimal, depending on what the school can afford, but I would have to charge for any travel expenses.
Funding: Check with provincial/state offices in your city or town.


Michelle Lacombe - musician »

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans...
--- anon.

The program that I am working on is really quite flexible. The aim is to take material of a teacher's choice and essentially make it a real life multi-media presentation for the students. I would incorporate music along with acting and group participation to help the students learn whatever the curriculum demands. The structure will be different for every presentation and everything will be subject to the teacher's approval.
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I am a musician currently living in Victoria, British Columbia. I have quite extensive experience working with young children as well as highschool and college/university students. As well as my practical and educational experience as a musician, I also have experience with theatre, musical theatre, hosting retreats and numerous related areas.

I grew up in a very Christian environment during highschool and I was quite involved with retreats for young peple where I would act as a group leader as well as the leader of the music ministry. My mother works at a school so I have had many opportunities to assist her in the classroom. Upon my arrival in University I took acting classes as well as world music classes. I have had 6 years of experience teaching both piano lessons and trumpet lessons. I have been invloved with classical, jazz, rock, african and pop music all to some degree. I am also experienced in the field of music composition.

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