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Phone: 781-284-4622
For grades: pre-school through college
Requirements for live visit: 1 large table (6') or 2 smaller tables, extension cord, electricity.
Fees for live visit: From $200 to $1500 (Entire band); fees can be negotiated, and special pricing is available if school books a combination program (for ex, concert + workshop)
Funding: New Inca Son is part of NEST (New England States Touring), a program made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program and the six New England state art agencies. Schools outside our home state (MA) may apply for funding through NEST, so that New Inca Son can present student workshops, concerts, or residencies. Further information at this link:


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"They have become indispensable ambassadors of a nearly lost South American folk tradition, with music of the highest caliber."
--- Keith Lockhart, Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra

Inca Son's mission is to introduce & educate students of all levels to the riches of Andean culture and to preserve Inca history. For this reason, its live performances are very special. Students watch ancient history "come alive" through musicians and dancers garbed in the authentic costumes of their Inca forebears, and performing on instruments crafted in the same way as those fashioned from clay and condor bones more than 1000 years ago, centuries before the time of the Spanish Conquest. Students are drawn into the performances of New Inca Son by the skillful interweaving of narration and connected music and dance presentations. Program notes are always available from the New Inca Son Manager, as well as suggestions for pre and post-concert activities, to maximize students' understanding of the performance and to encourage further exploration. The Manager will gladly work with teachers and presenters on the most appropriate program for students and all other details. 

In terms of the excitement around New Inca Son's live performance, with their color, vibrancy and beautiful music, some presenters' testimonies are useful to read:

"WOW! What a wonderful afternoon.  The students were so engaged by the group.  Omar again was fabulous.  The kids were so sad to see him go.  Our superintendent attended the performance and she too was very impressed by the group.  Thank you so much again for all of your help.  It has been a pleasure working with you and the group."

Sinikka Gary, Teacher, Narragansett Regional High School, Baldwinville, MA, 2012


“Don’t waste another second trying to decide whether or not to have Inca Son perform at your school! I was deeply moved by the way our students and faculty embraced New Inca Son’s music and the culture they represent.  It was undeniably one of the best performances we have ever had, and I have no doubt that our students will long remember how special it was…”

Shelley Borror Jackson, Head of School, Bement School, Deerfield, MA, 2006


“The audience, which numbered nearly 8000, was mesmerized by the haunting Andean melodies, the high level of musicianship the ensemble members exhibited throughout the evening. They were an inspiration, to say the least...

James Palermo, Artistic Director, Chicago’s Grant Park Orchestra Music Festival, 2001

In terms of hands-on activity, New Inca Son shines, having received Mass. Cultural Council's "Gold Medal" award for excellence in a residency carried out in Haverhill public schools. The group offers three different workshops on Music, Dance and Inca Beliefs. The first two workshops allow students the opportunity not only  to learn to play the pan flute or Peruvian folk dances, but to perform on stage with the band!

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New Inca Son is a vibrant music and dance ensemble with numerous awards and performing credentials. It is the only band that performs in the traditional garb of the Inca, and all costumes and instruments are handmade in Peru. K-12 students not only watch thrilling live performances of ancient music and dance, but can also participate through interactive workshops and residencies. The group has performed throughout the world, including concert tours in Russia, Italy, Canada, Peru, and most of this country’s fifty states, and has recorded 13 CD’s, featuring a tuneful blend of traditional and original compositions. Some of New Inca Son’s most outstanding venues and awards include

2012 Peruvian Pride Award, presented in Lima, Peru

2011 Disney Hall, Los Angeles Music Center, Los Angeles, CA

2010 National Geographic Museum, Washington, DC

2010 Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC

2009 Gold Medal Award, Excellence in Art Residencies, Mass. Cultural Council

2008 Los Angeles Music Award, Best World Music Group

2007 Independent Music Award, Best World Traditional Song

2007 Best in Music Education, Mass. Alliance for Arts Education, Cambridge, MA

2006 Disney World Epcot Center, FL

2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, UT

2002 Symphony Hall, Boston; performed with the Pops, conducted by Keith Lockhart, and recorded with the Pops on their “Latin Album”

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