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Phone: (503)981-7547
For grades: Grades 5 - 12 & college audiences.
Requirements for live visit: none.
Fees for live visit: $700 per peformance, plus auto, food & lodging if required.


Civil War actors/musicians »

All in all, this program is brilliantly produced and outstandingly performed. During their Gettysburg stay, vistors found TAPS the one show not to be missed.
--- Dick Peterson, The Conflict Theater, Gettysburg, PA

Taps is a series of short vignettes describing life in America during its most turbulent period. Each vignette, or scene is separated by a song from the period that accompanies and further defines the mood of the scene being portrayed.

All dialogue for Taps has been assembled from letters, diaries and personal journals of actual participants in the Civil War, while the music is a pleasing combination of period, and original folk songs accompanied by acoustic guitar.

Civil War Lectures are also available for a lesser fee starting as low as $150. Topics to choose from include:

  • The economic, geographic, religious, historic and cultural differences existing in antebellum America.
  • Traditional roles in Victorian culture including the Abolitionist movement and the emergence of Women's Rights.
  • The soldier's life in camp and battle.
  • Wounds, diseases and the development of the military hospital system.
  • The importance of music as entertinment, and an effective propaganda tool.
  • A General Overview combining elements from all of the above topics may be requested, and comes with a lesson plan and comprehensive list of related reading material.

Also available...

William and Carla Coleman have been involved in amateur and professional theater for nearly their entire adult lives. As a professional guitarist/vocalist, William has entertained audiences throughout the United States.

Together, they have written, directed, and featured in a variety of historic and contemporary productions for the stage.

Their interest in the American Civil War and theater first led them into living history performances and lectures in their native state of Oregon.

Their current production Taps: The Civil War In Word and Song features them in a highly entertaining/educational program that offers audiences the opportunity to view a very intimate side of the American experience during the Civil War.

They currently have released three collections of music and readings from the Civil War.Tenting Tonight, Tunes of Glory, and Chantilly Remembrance. Several of the songs featured on these collections are original pieces, and include poignant, and often moving short readings from Taps.

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