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Phone: 603-659-2361
For grades: Elementary and Pre-School
Requirements for live visit: Sound equipment if we are flying, 2 vocal mics and 2 inst mics.
Fees for live visit: fees vary depending on distance, # of shows in a given day/week/other generally starting at $400.00, please ask.


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The best children's act I have ever seen.
--- John Wackman, N.H. Public TV

Program 1. Julie and Brownie as themselves in matching costumes with acoustic instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, concertina, and tenor guitar as well as various percussion instruments, with original songs of fun and positive thought for children and families. Song titles include The Rainbow Family, The Streamlined Double Decker Bus (published nationally as a book/tape kit)Better Buddy Up , and many more.

Program 2. "A Pirate's Life For ME" based on our second children's book of the same name (Charlesbridge Publishing)we take the children on an 1850s ship down the east coast around Cape horn and up to San Francisco in song and story. Great costumes and lots of ruddy pirate makeup!

Program 3. "A Gypsie's Life For Me" similar to the Pirate program with different songs, bright festive costumes anda trip around the world in song and story.

Program 4. Maggie & The Magic Hat..A New musical play for children and families consisting of fresh new songs, Edwardian costumes and time travel. Pure fun and fantasy. Join Maggie in her hat shop as her mannequin, "Sadie" takes her and the audience back through time, decade by decade in song and story, where Maggie meets her great, great grandmother!
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Julie and Brownie Travel extensively with their various musical programs. Sign language, as well as other languages and audience participation are a major part of their shows. Julie and Brownie have appeard on numerous Television public service announcements with songs like The Streamlined Double Decker Bus, Talking Hands, Better Buddy Up and more.

Contact us at or for brochures and /or video.

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