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Phone: 410-876-6771
For grades: K-6
Fees for live visit: $400 Single, $500 Back-to-Back (Travel required in some areas - holdovers available.)


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Tom's sense of humor and dynamic magic tricks captured everyone's attention and held it throughout the show. I would not hestitate to recommend Tom to any school.
--- Richard Edwards, Cecil Co. Schools, MD

This program is designed as a motivational tool to get students excited about magic and you will agree it does just that. I do not teach any magic tricks in the show, but I do reveal a secret - every trick in the program can be found in library books - all they have to do is read!

The fact that teachers can provide them with subject related material when they return to class keeps their curiosity alive. I have hand-selected magic tricks with an educational slant, involving principles of math and science. Other materials teach geography, reinforce reading and writing skills, help with physical coordination, increase knowledge of history and more!

These materials are included in a lesson plan that allows teachers to incorporate the magic into their classroom projects. Children learn the basic skills they need to know through the enjoyable repetition of performing magic tricks for their friends and family.

Call me now at (410)876-6771 to find out more about this exciting program!
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Tom became interested in magic during the first grade when he saw an assembly program. Visits to the school and local library found him reading every book on magic, performing and theatre he could find.

In 1984, Tom became a professional performer. His act has toured throughout the Caribbean, opened concerts for Chubby Checker and America, plus performed on-stage with the original Captain Kangaroo. Last year, his show schedule included performances from Vermont to Costa Rica.

While not every child will go on to become a magician, Tom provides them with the knowledge that if they try, they can succeed. After all, he started right where they were!

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