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Phone: (416) 324-8346
For grades: All, but prefer High School
Requirements for live visit: Rooms that allow for fire juggling.
Fees for live visit: Three hundred dollars per show, sometimes more or less depending on travel requirements.


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A marvellous production...
--- Peter Jennings, ABC News

Fire Juggling, Machete Juggling over a volunteer, Juggling dangerous on a six foot unicycle. Lots of comedic interaction with the audience, both the 8 or 9 volunteers that I use as well as the crowd.
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Leyland Gordon: Juggler/Host Extraordinaire

Began as a streetperformer in 1987 in Toronto and has evolved into a diverse and hilarious performer.Credits

Winner of People's Choice Award 1991, Kingston Buskers Rendezvous

Played clown in award-winning Toyota commercial 1993-95.

Featured on CNN Story about buskers festivals, 1993.

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