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Phone: 817-788-0627x211
For grades: k-9
Fees for live visit: $400 for first show, $250 for second show plus travel up to a maximum
Funding: Many have used drug prevention or PTA monies to pay for assemblies.


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Wow! What a super program! We enjoyed the fun atmosphere, upbeat music, and important message...
--- Jill Johnstone and Donell Loyd

The Morris Brothers perform fun school assemblies that are educational and entertaining utilizing music, comedy, dancing and audience participation. Each assembly is written by a licensed teacher and school counselor. The assemblies are based on character traits and are focused around particular topics such as:

    Drug Prevention - teaches how and why to say NO to drugs; Conflict Resolution - shows how to resolve conflict without resorting to violence; Too Smart to Smoke - teaches children how and why to say NO to cigarettes; School Smarts - teaches study skills and test-taking strategies; Family Fun nights - musical concert for the entire family; Reading Rally - motivates and/or rewards children for reading; Summer Safey - celebrates the end of school and sends children off for a fun and safe summer.

Also available...

The Morris Brothers have been entertaining and educating children and their families for over 5 years. They perform approximately 500 school assemblies each year as well as numerous shows at malls, festivals, parks, zoos, fairs and special events. Of those returning anonymous surveys, an overwhelming 97% said they would want the Morris Brothers back and would recommend them to others.

Each assembly program is written by a licensed school teacher and school counselor and performed by professional talent.

The Morris Brothers have their own home video which is endorsed by Kids First! and The Dove Foundation.

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