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Phone: 512-258-4021
For grades: All ages, including college.
Requirements for live visit: Travel to some additional states by ground transportation possible. Microphone for performance
Fees for live visit: Negotiable.
Funding: Texas Commission on the Arts(TX only).


Bilingual Storyteller,Speaker,Writer,Presenter »

One of the things that pleased our museum and educational staff the most was how well Consuelo captured our institution's multicultural education mission and our specific assignment to her...
--- Mary Grace Ketner, Institute of Texan Cultures , Programs Division

Consuelo has been a keynote speaker to a Teen Ministries and has been a speaker to youth at risks in schools. Her programs includes:
  • History Haunts: History is woven with ghost stories and eerie accounts of historical characters.
  • Super Spies: Historical accounts of espionage.
  • Tejano Texture: History, folklore, folktales, and Mexican heritage and culture stories.
  • Story Illustration and Writing: This workshop is an overview of illustration types and storywriting. This program under the VIP Series is very interactive and great for grades K through grade 3.
    Also available...

    Consuelo shares her performing art of storytelling and public speaking at various venues. As a second generation Texas native born in the West Side Barrios of San Antonio, Texas, she shares, history, folklore, folk tales, personal stories, shared heritage (multicultural)stories and poetry. Her repertoire also includes ghost stories , that are rated PG-13. Her programs promise to entertain general audiences in English, Spanish, and her own unique Bilingual blends, Consuelo Style . She performs for all ages, and offers workshops for children, adults, and a special one for both. Some of her projects are recognized by the Texas Commission on the Arts. For additional information Contact Consuelo at 512-258-4021. Consuelo invites you to visit her web page at...
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