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Phone: 225-683-4603
For grades: Concerts: Kindergarten - 5 and families; Workshops: all ages.
Fees for live visit: E-mail, call, or write for availability and prices.


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The kids and parents really enjoyed the folktales and songs, particularly when they got to add some creative input to the story! I noticed even the older kids who are usually hard to please were giggling with the rest during the funny parts.
--- Corey, Youth Services Librarian, Tampa-Hillsborough Library System


Thirty minute to one hour storytelling concerts for preschoolers, elementary aged children, families, or adults. Programs include:

  • Folktales from Around the World
  • December Holidays
  • Chinese New Year
  • Louisiana Lore
  • African and African-American Tales
  • Tales from Asia
  • Stories from the Bible
  • A Fable Journey


Telling Tales: Where to Start introduces novice tellers to storytelling. Participants will leave with a story in their repertoire and information on how to tell stories, where to find more stories, and how to develop their own style. This workshop may be tailored for children or adults, and lasts from one to three hours.

Also available: workshops tailored to fit the needs and skill level of your group.


Customized plans for schools K-12 to teach the faculty and students how to tell stories. Residencies can culminate in a Storytelling Festival which showcases the student tellers.

Presentations are tailored to fit the needs of your group. New programs may be created and themes can be expanded.
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With nothing but words, a teller of tales weaves pictures, actions, personalities, and even Truth to create a story. The listener is pulled into a new world, created at the moment of telling. As we listen to stories, we face crises, explore possibilities, make decisions, and resolve problems. As a storyteller, I believe firmly in the power of the spoken word and in the value of wisdom passed down through folklore.


I, like everyone else, have been telling stories ever since I could talk. I took a course in storytelling at the University of South Florida as part of my masters degree in Library Science, and have been telling more polished stories ever since. In addition to performing professionally in the Tampa Bay area (I moved to Louisiana in July 1999), I have been involved in the production of several Festivals and have taught children and adults how to tell stories.

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