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Phone: 781-648-8230
For grades: K-12
Fees for live visit: $300 for solo performance, additional if live music desired.


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Your skill at intermixing different types of dances which answered the needs of your audience, combined with your ability to build a relationship with the audience made the evening a huge success.

Contra Dancing & Square dancing

New England country dancing (known as contra dance, square dance or barn dance) has been done in New England town halls and grange halls without a break since the seventeenth century. Since the 1960's it has enjoyed a revival, and is now done around the world.

Colonial Dancing

Our colonial workshop teaches students what colonial dance was like and why it was important in colonial society. The students learn a variety of historically accurate colonial steps and perform age-appropriate colonial style dances.

Klezmer Dance and Music

A program of dancing from the Klezmer tradition, for all. Jewish dances from Eastern Europe, with newer dances from America and Israel thrown in.

Old Country Stories

Jacob offers music from the old country and tells stories of the role music and dance played in daily life in the old country. The dancing that follows brings that world to life!

Family Story Telling

A program of stories from Jacob's family and others, used as a framework to encourage audience members to share stories of their own families.

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Jacob started contra dancing in 1974, and has been calling since 1977. He has combined his knowledge of Klezmer dance with skills developed as a leader of traditional New England dance. He has called evenings of contra dancing set to Klezmer music, as well as evenings of Klezmer and Israeli dance.

Jacob's four decades of dancing, choreography and dance calling lets him choose dances that work for all participants. He has created and modified dances in both the New England and Klezmer traditions, and is particularly adept at helping groups of beginners enjoy themselves while dancing.

Dances Jacob has composed have been included in the books Zesty Contras, published by the New England Folk Festival Association, and Gems, published by the Country Dance and Song Society of America.

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