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Phone: 413-549-3722
For grades: Pre K - 12
Requirements for live visit: Minimum 10 foot ceilings preferred but not required.
Fees for live visit: $425. / 1 show. $650. / 2. Travel may be extra.
Funding: Funding available through the Mass. Cultural Council and the New England States Touring Roster.


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You were a hit!!! the most talked about performer. Everyone (young and old) loved having you there.
--- Margie Arrison, Littleton, MA, Business Assn.

Henry the Juggler is considered armed (and legged) and dangerous. He is known to cause spontaneous outbursts of laughter. He speaks little but says a great deal through his expression and body language. He has in his possession BALLS, CLUBS, RINGS, TORCHES and other apparatus of his trade. He is capable of walking on a thin wire high above the ground. He is known to change his height through the use of stilts.

WARNING: Henry involves innocent bystanders in his act.
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Henry the Juggler
Alias: Henry Lappen

Henry the Juggler is a professional. He has been seen by tens of thousands up and down the East coast, appearing at theaters, schools, libraries, festivals, and business districts. Henry has been performing and teaching for over 25 years. He studied physical comedy at California's Dell'Arte School, and continues to develop his act through classes in Tango, Tai-Chi, and Feldenkrais. He is an active member of the International Jugglers Association.
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