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Phone: 216-676-4331
For grades: K-University
Requirements for live visit: 6'x12' performance space (stage preferably), electrical outlets.
Fees for live visit: $250 and up, depending on audience size.
Funding: Educational grants typically fund our shows.


French Guignol Puppeteers »

The Best Guignol Puppetry in North America!

Le Théâtre Guignol, comprised of Ken and Gretchen Davidian, typically presents a 90-minute program which includes a traditional Guignol puppet show in French followed by a brief lecture on the history of Guignol and Guignol theater and a second Guignol show, this time in English so the students can relax and live a traditional French cultural experience. The program ends with a question and answer session on topics including Guignol, puppetry, and the importance of learning a foreign language.

Alternative presentation formats are also available.

Fully annotated scripts with exercises and vocabulary lists are made available before the show so teachers can work with students on vocabulary, comprehension, etc.

Check out our web page... it's old but still good!
Also available...

Ken and Gretchen Davidian have lived and performed their shows in France. They use this experience to bring the excitement, energy and fun of learning a foreign language to students through traditional Guignol puppetry.

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