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Phone: 603-770-6916
For grades: All people
Fees for live visit: We're more interested in providing the programs, than making the money. We'll work with your budget to bring the show to your group. We often do shows for little or nothing. What can you afford? - Up to our ceiling of $300 per contact hour.


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Anyone who can keep 225 students focused for the last hour before Xmas break has to be excellent. Papa Joe's performance kept the students enthralled and enthusiastic.
--- Corinne Cascadden, Principal, Brown School, Berlin, NH

Freelance Storyteller with over 6000 performances and workshops from 1987 to present. Mastery: Interactive folktales for family audiences. Publications: What Storytelling means to Me - (article) in the International Order of E.A.R.S., Inc Tale Trader Volume 15, No 3 - August, 1997 Performing for Free - (artical) in The Sands of Time, quarterly Newsletter of The Sandcastle Storytellers, Inc., Fall 1997 Papa Joe's ~ For A Wish (audio tape), 1996 A Working Storyteller (article) in The Lanes Museletter, Vol. 9, No. 1, Apr 1996 21 Adapted and Original Tales, published in Clap Books, 1996 New Pots from Old (story and activities) in Spinning Tales - Weaving Hope, an anthology compiled by SFWCN and published by New Society Press, 1991.

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What makes Papa Joe so special? His love of good stories? His passion for telling? His devotion to his audiences? This Master Storyteller designs every show to meet your needs and it's the audience that leaves feeling special. The Step Into A Story program is designed to nurture self esteem. Papa Joe listens to each child's needs and gives to each child's heart. They experience stories with the opportunity to share with the group. They learn to tell their own stories and they know they can do it.

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