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Phone: 704-568-6940
For grades: PreK - college,Conference Speaker for teachers and librarians
Fees for live visit: Single Presentations and/or Residencies; fee range $500.00-$1500.00 . Fees are negotiable
Funding: I am on the Roster of Approved Artist for The South Carolina Arts Commision and eligible for funding.


Native American Indian Storyteller, Legend Keeper, Cultural Educator »

You are really at the forefront of both Museum Education and Storytelling in terms of your techniques and presentation.
--- Heath Lee- Director of Education at the Museum of The New South, Charlotte, NC

Cultural Education Programs that are custom designed to be age appropriate and curriculum based are presented in an interactive and entertaining style. Ramona Moore Big Eagle's programs of Native American Culture bring History and Social Studies alive through the use of authentic artifacts and legends that have been handed down from the Elders for thousands of years. Her programs educate, entertain, inspire, and empower students of all ages. Ramona also offers programs addressing Character Development, Literacy, Cultural Diversity, Drama, and Conflict Resolution.

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Ramona Moore Big Eagle-Tuscarora/Cherokee is an Oral Historian and Legend Keeper from the Tuscarora Nation of NC  Reservation. She has been delighting audiences all over the USA with her programs of American Indian Culture through Stories, Artifacts, Drumming, Dance, and Crafts for over 30 years.

Ramona has a BA in Psychology and a M.Ed. and taught school for many years as the Director of Heritage Pre-School but now devotes her time to schools all over the country as a Storyteller and Cultural Educator.

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