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Phone: 913-268-8260
For grades: K-6
Requirements for live visit: Open floor space in front of children.
Fees for live visit: $100 per performance (plus travel expenses outside Kansas City).


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You encourage our students to take risks and persevere through storytelling.
--- Dee Dee Connors, teacher, Broken Arrow Elementary, KS

  • Te tells stories from all over the world but she's especially partial to those from her home, the UK. She has a story for everyone. Traditional and non-traditional fairy tales for younger listeners, myths and legends for older audiences, and historical stories for all ages. Her upbringing in the rural English countryside provides plenty of humourous and personal stories. Some are funny, some are sad. Others are scary, and lots of them are full of magic. She touches on honesty (and greed), responsibility, courage, loyalty, women suceeding against the odds, love, truth, justice and above all, hope and optimism. Performances are 40 to 50 minutes.
  • Harry Potter Muggle Studies The Muggle Studies Mistress at Hogwarts flies in on her Cleansweep 7 to give this highly interactive programme. It extols the virtues of Muggles (those with no magical powers) over the ages and highlights some of their major accomplishments
  • A History of Tea From China to Europe, the ritual of drinking tea has been a cornerstone of ancient and modern culture. Te tells the history of tea and instructs participants in the etiquette of a proper English afternoon Tea.
  • The Tolkien story The fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien lived in Sarehole, in the Midlands of England as a young boy. Te lived half a mile away. She walked along the riverbanks and in the countryside, which Tolkien himself admits more or less describes the 'Shire' in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. She frequented Sarehole Mill which had a large inpact on Tolkien during his formative years. Hear about Hobbits, particularly Bilbo Baggins, and learn about Tolkien and his life, and where he got many of his ideas from.
  • Boadicea Meet Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni Tribe as she attempts to recruit her army in 61 AD. This programme is designed to educate children about the Celts and Romans at that time in history. Boadicea emphasizes the importance of reading and writing, respect for the environment and the quest for freedom.
  • Workshops on creative writing and speaking designed to improve children's language and oral skills.
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    Te Holmes

    Te has been telling stories to children of all ages on both sides of the Atlantic for the past 8 years. She grew up in a small English village - in an area with a history going back 12,000 years. The Celts, Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans all contibuted to the wealth of ancient folklaw.

    Te believes that stories are essential to a child's development and education. They teach understanding and tolerance. They improve language skills and allow us to glimpse other cultures. They help us to make sense of our world and find meaning in life. And last but not least, they're jolly good fun.

    Te likes to think that stories offer the best way of running away without leaving home.

    Since moving to Kansas, Te has been working with Young Audiences in elementary schools, as well as telling stories in libraries and clubs. She spends the summers working in schools in England.

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