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Phone: 317-892-5830
For grades: High School (9-12) and undergraduate college students
Requirements for live visit: Airfare & Lodging reimbursement plus fee
Fees for live visit: School determines honorarium


Formalist Poet »

You have revived the phrasing of the masters. This poem will live forever.
--- Marian Ford Park

Poetry: Lecture/discussion regarding basic to advanced instruction and rationale for writing traditional poetry in contemporary America. Also how the resurgence in metrical (musical), accessible poetry is recreating the audience poets enjoyed during the early 20th century. Argument that the best poetry in America, whether traditional or free verse, is well-strucured. Interaction with students via question/answer session.

Short Fiction: Creating Realistic Dialogue. Bring your stories to life with realistic, "ragged," non-linear dialogue. Lecture/discussion and Q&A session. Writing Flash Fiction: Complete Short Story in 99 Words or Fewer. Lecture/discussion/hands-on, interactive workshop. Excellent technique for (1) plainly seeing the elements of fiction at work, (2) testing a story idea, and (3) learning economy of word use.
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Poet, fictionist, essayist, and the editor and publisher of The Raintown Review, a journal of metrical poetry. Nominated for a 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Letters for my second collection of poetry. My first full-length collection, Lessons for a Barren Population, which is also the first-ever e-book poetry collection, is scheduled for release on 1 October 1999 by Hard Shell Word Factory. Second full-length collection already contracted. My goal is to help poetry regain the audience it once enjoyed in America.

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