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Phone: 1-800-895-5437
For grades: K-3
Requirements for live visit: Stage, private dressing area, prefer open space to theater-style
Fees for live visit: Starting at $300
Funding: We have been funded through ND & MN Arts Councils, and Drug & Alcohol Awareness Funds


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One of the best performances I've seen in school in a long time.
--- (Principal, Monument, CO)

Penny & Pals performs both family concerts and school assemblies, specializing in grades K-3. All of their shows feature spunky, original songs, appearances by friendly costumed characters and plenty of kid-participation. Whether you're looking for plain ol' music & movement, or music and movement with a message, they've got a line-up just for you. Their school assemblies are noted for their introduction of the concept that all people are smart in many different ways.
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The Penny & Pals performing group was created in 1989 by Penny Andrist, M.S., and Gail Benson, M.Ed. Penny and Gail write, record and perform their own music and have won several national awards of excellence for their work. (Parent's Choice winner, Parent Council Winner, IRA Celebrate Literacy Award) More importantly, they are expert kid-people. Known for their genuine warmth, humor and spontaneity, Penny and Gail bring a contagious energy to every performance.
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