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Phone: 212 794 9654
For grades: k-3, 4-6, 7-12
Requirements for live visit: Microphone, lighting, work table
Fees for live visit: to be discussed


Science specialist/author/magician »

The Scientific Magic Show you presented to our fourth, fifth and sixth graders today was wonderful. The children were enthralled with your experiments...
--- Massapequa Public Schools

Magic TRICKS - Science FACTS, an educational/entertaining school auditorium program., is currently being presented to the children and young adults in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area school systems (primary and secondary schools) as well as other parts of the country. The presentation has received the support of the National Science Foundation, City University affiliates, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Physical Association, local school boards, PTA's, librarians, teachers, parents and students.

This program, presented in a school environment, is seen by faculty, administrators and parents as a valid, positive educational force. The students see it as an entertaining break during their school day. This high concept performance can be explained in a few sentences.

I perform a show based upon my award winning books.

...a trick is performed
...the explanation of the trick is guessed by the students and teachers
...the magician reveals his secret
...the secret is always a scientific principle
...the students learn science
Also available...

  • Masters Degree - History and Philosophy of Science - CUNY
  • Adjunct Professor - University of Vermont
  • Award Winning Author - 30 + books
  • Game Designer

Public Performances

  • APS - Invited Speaker - centennial meeting
  • AATP - Invited speaker
  • Cal Tech - Public show
  • NY Public Libraries - 30
  • Brooklyn Public Libraries - 25
  • Queens Public Libraries - 50
  • Public Schools 100 + (list upon request)

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