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Phone: 612 861-3570
For grades: Preschool-grades 4-6 & beyond with other shows we offer.
Requirements for live visit: Electricity. Self contained unless flying.
Fees for live visit: Varies depending upon # of musicians, # of shows,etc. Call for options & quotes.
Funding: We have dozens of shows developed that meet most funding criteria. We will develop shows for you.


***Education through music, participation*** »

No contest. These folks are the consumate kids entertainers.


The Teddy Bear Band inspires movement, imagination and fun for children, families, and your bear. The band acknowledges to the audience, You're in the Show! Soon the audience finds itself in the midst of a musical journey, going on imaginary rides, playing games, performing Bear-Robics & more. This upbeat musical show is targeted to a young audience, with opportunities for adults to join in the fun, and delight in the response of their children and grandchildren. (BYOTB - Bring Your Own Teddy Bear!) Participation is the driving force that connects children with the desired educational message.
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Since 1985 The TEDDY BEAR BAND has become synonymous with quality children's music in Minnesota and beyond. A strong foundation and phenomenal fan base have come about through as many as 350-400 shows annually. TBB's background in child development and contagious spirit effectively involves children in developmentally appropriate participation. In reaching the milestone of it's14th Anniversary, significant recognition has taken place for both the music and education skills of The Teddy Bear Band.

1) Major recognition for TBB's skills in providing developmentally appropriate entertainment for young children has come from the band's selection as presenters for the National Association of Education For Young Children Conference (NAEYC) in Atlanta1994,'95 Washington D.C., '96 Dallas, '97 in Annaheim & '98 in Toronto. TBB has further established itself as a music leader in the child development field based on additional enthusiastic response from the Association for Childhood Education International Conference, 1999 National Head Start Conference, the 1999 Governor's Panel on early childhood, and from Dr. Martha Farrell Erickson, Dr. David Walsh, and the I am Your Child initiative. (Infant-toddler brain development)

2) MN. PARENT MAGAZINE'S 1998 FAMILY FAVORITES AWARD for Children's Music. Parent readers have recognized TBB's casual excellence every year . (1988-1998)

3) TBB received the MINNESOTA Music AWARD for Best Children's Music Artist from it's peers, the MINNESOTA Music ACADEMY. TBB is the only children's artist to ever be honored. (1988-1998)

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