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Phone: 703 771 7571
For grades: K-12
Requirements for live visit: A sound system is required for audiences of over 200 people or for any outdoor performance. Three weeks' advance notice is required for booking.
Fees for live visit: Fee is based on $275 for one hour and $150 for each additional hour up to four. This fee includes transportation and may vary slightly depending upon distance traveled and estimated size of audience. It is negotiable for non-profits. Early morning or late


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Laura's performing style is noted for its originality, integrity, and enthusiasm accompanied by a dry wit. Each storytelling program lasts from 45 minutes to an hour depending upon the age of the audience. Programs are loosely organized around a theme, e.g. Cats, Weather, Holidays, or whatever is requested. A repertoire of more than 500 stories, poems and anecdotes allows for great flexibility. The programs consist of a mixture of original and classic material. Aside from a chair or stool, no props are required, and no special staging or lighting is needed.

Workshops and residencies are aimed at helping each student achieve a unique voice, and include 1) how to choose a story to tell 2) how to get to know the story 3) what devices to use to make a story "yours" 4) how to tell the story 4) the responsibility of the teller to both the audience and the story.

Audio-cassettes: Loud and Clear, Grimm Tales Retold, and Laura J. Bobrow On the Air.

CDs: From the Heart, I Wrote These for You, Strange Stories, Story Poems, and Just Hanging Out.
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"Thank you for coming to our class to tell your wonderful stories. I loved how you told it. I could picture it in my mind exactly."

"I like the way when you described something it was like I was looking at a picture."

"Funny and mysterious."

"You and Garison Kiellor should be partners."

Laura J. Bobrow is a poet, author and storyteller, a writer who tells stories. She has been described as having the mind of a poet and philosopher, the wit of a comedian, and the voice and diction of an orator. She is available to teach writing and storytelling workshops in addition to her performances. Laura uses poetry to enhance her telling, often putting well-known stories or parts of stories into verse. Her award-winning children's poems, light verse and lyrics have beenpublished in many venues. In 1961, referring to her poetry for children, Louis Untermeyer called her "the American Milne." Her storytelling work has been applauded by diverse groups, from elementary schools to organizations such as the New York City Opera, which has included her performances in its fund-raising catalogues. Laura's picture book for children, The Captain's Beard, Willowisp Press, was popularly received in 1995.

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